Virtual asset assessment

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Jun 13, 2017
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Network-wide condition assessment and accurate asset intelligence are fundamental to achieve informed decision-making, better risk management, and optimal use of available resources. The Fugro Roames service combines innovative mapping techniques with data processing and cloud computing capabilities to deliver an accurate and dynamic 3D virtual model of power company assets.

The Roames platform provides visualisation, reporting and analysis capabilities through a 3D real world environment. Data can be uploaded, embedded and securely shared. Mobile devices and applications connect and allow functional interaction with this virtual world. Within Roames a complete and accurate real-world 3D reconstruction of landscape, buildings, infrastructure and vegetation is created.

Remote inspection and realistic simulation of infrastructure and the environment is enabled through Roames. This allows organisations to view the health and status of the entire network in near-real time. More than a data visualisation platform, Roames analytics provide the intelligence behind the data, unlocking information about features such as condition, risk and status of critical infrastructure.

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