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Jun 14, 2017
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ZIV has been displaying  the latest MV automation and communication solutions to improve the management, reliability and availability of the distribution network at CIRED.

The new Medium Voltage Remote Terminal Unit (MV RTU) ‘ADFD’ (Advanced Directional Fault Detector) model, is a compact device with advanced protection, automation, monitoring and distributed generation functions. It is specially designed to implement MV automation in RMU and recloser applications (i.e. when the circuit breaker automatically resets after a fault) with different grounding methods such as grounded grids, ground isolated grids or compensated via Petersen coil.

The IEC 61850 protocol is used to share information via Goose Messages from one device to another. ADFD’s technology means it is also compatible with active and passive combined V-I sensors, and allows software integration of the current measurement coming from the Rogowski coil.

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