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The IET is pleased to announce that the new Guide to Energy Management in the Built Environment is now available.

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Jul 14, 2017
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Our fantastic new Guide to Energy Management, authored by Cameron Steel, has just published. The Guide is packed with the processes and tools that will help to make your energy management of your building a success and will be particularly useful for facilities managers, building managers, energy managers and building services engineers. 

The cost-savings and organisational benefits recognised simply by having a greater understanding of how energy is used in your business can be significant. The Guide provides an underpinning process to help you work through the various management stages. 

Following this process can lead to:

  • Reduced costs resulting from a better understanding of energy pricing structures and operational efficiencies that you can make
  • Compliance with relevant legislation and a measurable reduction in CO2 emissions
  • A personalised plan for improvements that relate directly to your organisation

Creating an energy management strategy sets your organisation apart from the competition.

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